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Cutol SwiftCheck

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Stock Checking
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Product: Cutol SwiftCheck

Purpose: Stock Check Reconciliation

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Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology
Reconciliation of New, Used and Consigned Vehicles
Exclusion system eliminates Customer / Service Vehicles and Staff Cars
Reports for Unmatched Vehicles, Excluded Vehicles and Reconciliation Audit
Cutol SwiftCheck can substantially reduce the time required to reconcile the physical vehicle stock against the known stock by providing a faster method for collecting the physical stock details. It can also be provided with additional information from as many sources as are available to account for vehicles that should be excluded from the reconciliation process.

By quickly eliminating all the matches and providing information on the unmatched items, SwiftCheck can get you to the point of manually investigating the missing items faster.
Taking photos is clearly quicker than writing down a registration plate or a vehicle chassis number but in our experience we have also seen how vehicles are being moved around at the same time as the person is collecting the information. By reducing collection time you also reduce the movement window meaning less vehicles are missing from the initial stock check.

Every missing vehicle and every incorrectly entered vehicle identity costs time in finding or resolving the mistake.

Even ANPR though is not perfect, which is why SwiftCheck also provides an indication of how confident the software is that the registration plate that it has recognised is also correct. Sorting the data by confidence allows the operator to quickly identify any obvious mistakes in recognition.