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About us

We’re a software development company from London

Kira Developments Ltd was started in 1997 providing unique and inovative software to dealerships in the UK, Ireland and North America. Cutol Six is the most sophisticated Microsoft© Excel© automation software in the world. With over 500 dealerships using our software we remain the at the forefront of the production of Management Accounts, Budgets, Daily Operating Controls and Vehicle Stock and Sales Analysis. With our latest software release, Cutol SwiftCheck, we continue to bring new inspirational software to the market.

How about some fun facts?

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Between us all, we have your needs covered

Amongst our team we have experts in many areas of software development, accountancy, dealer management systems and a deep understanding and knowledge of what is required to run a profitable dealership. Using our experience in our individual fields, we have consistenly evolved our software around our ideas and suggestions from our existing client base to bring you the highest level of products and services.
Steve Stretch
Software Developer

I've have been programming Microsoft Excel since 1998. I have seen Cutol grow from a very basic concept of importing a Trial Balance into a spreadsheet automatically (originally in Lotus 123) into the sophisticated software that it is today. Even though I have spent countless hours, days and years with my head buried in Microsoft Excel's development platform I am still finding new ways of doing things and constantly learning.

I've always felt that our greatest achievements go unnoticed as we remove the hard decisions from the user and put them into the software. This is probably what I am most proud of.

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Simon Lightowler

I have been with Cutol from the start, all those years ago! I'm a petrolhead mainly, but also a reasonably good motor trade accountant. I have spent lots of time with BMW and other franchises, both as a consultant and also as director of both car and bike dealerships. I enjoy the challenge of designing a user friendly, “fits all”, multi company, multi franchise solution in Cutol. I'm pretty good with ADP/CDK/Autoline, but also adaptable to other systems.

Love the trade, Cutol and the people within both.

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Trevor Leaman
Server Specialist and Software Developer

I've been working with the guys at Cutol since 2011. I provide the software development framework used by Cutol SwiftCheck and the Cutol Server utilities. I have been a IT specialist all my life, working with a huge variety of technologies in many industries including computer forensics and fraud analysis with Scotland Yard to computer systems integration and reporting in the Music and Publishing sectors.

I'm a married man with 3 young children and spend most of my down time playing Princes and Princesses, Superheroes or Sleeping Lions.

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Bailey Payne
Support Consultant

I have been on the team since 2017 having completed my A levels and my AAT qualifications. Helping Dealers accomplish their goals and overcoming challenges provides me with a great deal of pride in my work. Building a set of accounts from a Trial Balance for new clients is very rewarding. This is the start of the relationship building which continues as support is provided as our clients businesses grow.

Outside of work, is all about fishing...

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Claire Thompson

I've been working for Kira Developments for a number of years now and deal with all aspects of the administration of the business. I have no programming skills what-so-ever and have no idea how any of the Cutol software products work. My skills lie in ensuring the administration of the business runs as smooth as possible and if you have any queries with regarding invoices or wish for statements to be issued then I am your contact.

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We have an eye for detail and a passion for achieving top quality products that are affordable for all dealers

All our products are purchased out-right with a minimal annual support subscription ensuring that over the lifetime of a product the running costs are kept to a minimum. We do not believe in charging for our products on a monthly subscription which always result in a huge cost to the client over a long period of use. This is why we have retained 97% of all clients we have ever had.
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  • Vehicle Stock Checking

Top reasons to work with us

When choosing a company to provide vital software, you need to ensure you are making the right decision. Here a couple of points to help you make that decision.

High quality

All our software is developed to a high standard and tested thoroughly before release.


We have been doing this for 15 years and already know where you want to be.

growing community

There are over 2K individual users of our software. Welcome aboard, you're in safe hands.

Friendly support

You can call us anytime and within 60 seconds we could be on your screen providing help.

We never forget that we work for our clients

We see ourselves as part of your workforce, a loyal employee. Because of the nature of the products we offer, we tend to get involved in any changes that occur within a business as a result of growth or restructuring, ensuring we are continually briefed and ready to accommodate.

Below is the tinest selection of some of our clients from single dealerships to groups, the financial reporting needs are the same. Do not feel left out! EVERYONE is important to us.
Client Client Client Client Client Client Client Client Client
Client Client Client Client Client Client Client Client Client

We’re always ready to bring new clients on board

We get a great buzz from bringing our products into the businesses of new clients. We take on all the hard work and responsibility from migrating your existing spreadsheets or software to the simplyfied methods offered by Cutol. There really is very little time we need to take up from your normal day to day tasks in order to get any of the Cutol software up and running.
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